It’s not just about transport

Auckland Light Rail is our chance to reshape our neighbourhoods to work better for us and change how our city grows. It will connect people to work and study and enable new homes in growing communities, helping to reduce sprawl. It will also mean we won’t have to rely on cars, helping reduce emissions.

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Improving how we live

Light Rail will dramatically expand Auckland’s rapid transit network, which already moves thousands of people, to make Tāmaki Makaurau a better place to live now and in the future.

Aucklanders deserve to have easy, reliable and efficient transport choices in the communities they live in. Having a dedicated, city wide rapid transit system gives you a genuine choice to travel congestion free with faster and more reliable journey times. This makes the wider Auckland area more connected, which ultimately helps redefine how and where we choose to live.

More homes
and jobs in

Auckland can extend further out at the city fringes, depleting rural land and disconnecting a vast sprawling Auckland – or it can better utilise existing neighbourhoods to improve infrastructure and create better places for Aucklanders to live, work and raise families.


More time back in your day

The average Aucklander spends a whopping 80 hours a year sitting in traffic. Our days start early to get to jobs, and we’ve less time to spend with family and friends, or running household errands. Light rail will cut travel times by up to half for communities along the route and take up to 14,500 cars off our roads. 

Reliable travel times, trains will run every 5 minutes (or less).

*Estimated travel times between stations

Time between stops along the City Centre to Māngere light rail line Time between stops along the City Centre to Māngere light rail line
Transport connections symbol

Public transport connections will put more Aucklanders within easy reach of Light Rail

Customer focused train station symbol

Customer-focused design will ensure stations are safe and accessible to all

Connections line symbol

Walking and cycling connections will be delivered to make getting to a train safe and convenient

Living local

People and businesses will want to be close to stops or stations, so these areas will grow - creating thriving community hubs, more jobs, and make it easier to ‘live local’.

We are planning so future generations can have housing options within a 10-minute walk to light rail. Without the cost of a vehicle, we are more able to afford things like our own home or further education.

Did you know?

Congestion costs Auckland about $1.36 billion a year

By tunnelling part of the route for light rail we can nearly double the number of passengers that can travel - 

  • Providing capacity for increased rail and public transport until about 2070
  • Halving travel times to the city from most destinations 
  • Removing 14,500 cars from our streets
Rendering of modern Sandringham