Your views

Between 13 March and 10 April 2023, we sought feedback on options to help us develop a preferred route.

We asked questions about:

  • two options for a shared light rail and heavy rail route in the Onehunga area
  • two options for light rail to connect into Māngere, and
  • new station hubs at Dominion Junction and Kingsland.

We received a fantastic response and have a much clearer picture of what is important to the community. Public support for the project remains very high, with 70% of people we heard from expressing support for the project, even among people who raised concerns about options we are considering in Māngere or Onehunga.


What we heard

Dominion Junction and Kingsland

We received a range of ideas from people about station hubs in Dominion Junction and Kingsland to help make travel by light rail a convenient and enjoyable part of everyday life. People see hubs as destinations not just for travel but to shop, socialise and do business and want stations that are easy to access on foot or bike, and for those travelling from further afield by bus or other mode.


Feedback showed a strong preference for the light rail route alongside the SH20 motorway and the Onehunga Bay Lagoon, because it was seen to be simpler, more direct and less disruptive than an alignment through residential neighbourhoods.

Māngere Town Centre

We have also heard a strong desire for light rail to connect into Māngere Town Centre, with almost 80% of people supporting this route. People are excited for Māngere to be on the light rail network, providing a much needed, convenient way to connect to jobs and education, to go shopping, and for everyday activities.

Proposed route for light rail in Onehunga

We propose a light rail only route alongside SH20 and the edge of Onehunga Bay Lagoon. This is a shorter, more direct route reducing travel times and has less impact on local roads. 

There was a strong community preference for a route following SH20 because people felt it will have the least disruption and impact on residential areas. 

While this is our recommended option, the project’s sponsors – Auckland Council, the Crown and mana whenua – will determine the final route, based on detailed assessments and recommendations. 

What happens to the KiwiRail designation? 

Auckland Light Rail is no longer considering a shared light rail and heavy rail route in Onehunga. KiwiRail’s plans are unaffected.

Proposed route for light rail in Māngere 

The proposed station near the motorway, separated from local streets means: 

  • A more reliable service and faster travel times
  • Trains every 5-10 minutes, including early mornings and late nights
  • Less disruption for shops and businesses in the town centre
  • Less impact on local parks

A station for the whole community  

We heard from the community that a station in Māngere needs to be welcoming, safe and provide an accessible entry point to Māngere and great connections between the station and town centre. 

  • We can improve the bridge over the motorway so new homes along Bader Drive will have great access to the town centre and the rest of the city via light rail. 
  • Working with council, we will connect local paths and bus services to make it easy to get to the new station. 
  • The surrounding infrastructure will be built to be more resilient to flooding and climate change.

Up to four light rail stations are proposed for the wider Māngere area – two between Onehunga and Māngere Town Centre, and one near the airport. This will give more locals easy access to light rail and a connection to the major employment centre by the airport.

Your feedback on 
the scheme

In 2021 we asked for Aucklanders views on light rail. We used the feedback to create a summary of public engagement which was issued to the Government alongside the indicative business case and recommendations.

Many people we heard from support light rail (66% or 1,823 people), with people telling us they want Auckland to be a modern city, with more homes for everyone, walkable communities, and less reliance on cars.

Early engagement

What you think about light rail for Auckland 

  • Aucklanders want Light Rail
  • Corridor communities shared the strongest support
  • Reducing our carbon footprint is important to Aucklanders
  • People want a reliable, frequent, safe and comfortable public transport option
  • People recognise it will help support new housing, compact city, access to jobs and study
  • Community partnership is critical to meet the needs of locals

Some people raised concerns about cost, gentrification in communities, construction disruption or environmental, cultural, civic and heritage impacts. Other people worry using light rail might not be affordable for everyone.

Stay in the loop

There will be opportunities to give feedback as planning work progresses including, for example, the design of stops or stations, route and community connections.