What's next

We are advancing the Auckland Light Rail project through the detailed planning phase and developing a business case to enable the Crown to make a final investment decision.

Community input

Earlier this year we sought feedback on route options in Māngere and Onehunga. As well as considering community feedback, we investigated ground conditions and the local environment to help identify a proposed route in these areas. Learn more about these decisions here

Shaping future decisions 

Planning and consenting is expected to take another 2-3 years before construction starts. Once a route is confirmed by our project sponsors, there will be more decisions we will need feedback on, such as detailed design of stations and local connections.

Next steps

We are progressing with design work, taking into account the local environment, minimising impact on green spaces and neighbouring properties.  

This project provides the opportunity to support greater development and new public spaces, but some properties are likely to be affected. Lodging for Notices of Requirement with Auckland Council to protect the land needed to build light rail is likely to be the next significant step in the project. This will happen once the project’s sponsors make a decision about the final route. ALR will notify and engage with affected property owners as soon as we are able.


The work we're doing

  • Further business case work, technical assessments and reference design, master planning, and community and stakeholder engagement
  • Associated applications for consenting, including consideration of use of the Urban Development Act 2020 and protect the transport corridor
  • Developing procurement and land acquisition strategies
  • Significant policy work programme including determining funding and financing, and delivery arrangements, led by central agencies and ensuring integration of policy decisions in the Business Case
  • Undertaking work to prepare the project for delivery, subject to approval by the Crown.

It is anticipated that the planning and consenting phase will take 2-3 years and construction will then take 6-8 years.

The City Centre to Māngere route alignment