Easier and faster

The first stage of the Auckland Light Rail project is just the beginning of a much bigger transformation for our transport network.

Aucklanders deserve to have easy, reliable and efficient transport choices in the communities they live in. Having a dedicated, city wide rapid transit system gives you a genuine choice to travel congestion free with faster and more reliable journey times. This makes the wider Auckland area more connected, which ultimately helps redefine how and where we choose to live.

Auckland's future Rapid Transit Network

A fully integrated system

A tunnel through the city centre built by this project means light rail can be extended to the North Shore and North West without passengers needing to transfer from one line to the other and cater for increased passengers through the city centre for the next 50 years.

The Northern Busway is growing by 20% a year and will run out of capacity in 10-15 years, so a new light rail line will be needed, and preparing for a tunnel in the city centre also gives flexibility for a new tunnel or a bridge across the harbour to the North Shore in the future. This is part of the additional Waitematā Harbour Connections project.


A city for young people to thrive

With the world open again and the tug of higher wages and career and study options overseas, kiwi businesses are feeling the effects of talent shortages. While the kiwi OE is a rite of passage, we need to make sure Auckland is a place young people want to return home to – a city that offers an enviable lifestyle, and one where young people can see a future for themselves.

That takes a range of strategies, but good access, more housing choices and an ‘international city’ experience are key parts. Auckland Light Rail will improve connectivity across our city, increase housing options and support emissions reductions efforts – all factors that are important issues for young people.