Communities can help shape future decisions 

We recently engaged with people about options in Māngere and Onehunga and considered their feedback. We are now progressing with design work to look at how we can minimise the impact on parks and neighbouring properties. 

This project provides the opportunity to support greater development and new public spaces, but some properties will also be affected. Once a route is confirmed, property owner conversations will begin and we will need feedback from property owners to help make more detailed decisions such as the design of stations and how they connect in with the community.


KiwiRail corridor in Onehunga 

We are proposing a light rail only route alongside SH20 and the edge of the Onehunga Bay Lagoon. We are no longer considering a shared light rail and heavy rail route in Onehunga. KiwiRail’s plans are unaffected. 

However, KiwiRail and Auckland Transport are in the early stages of developing plans to use the KiwiRail land to build a new heavy rail line. This is part of a much bigger plan for improving and expanding the rail network in Auckland over the next 30 years. 

For more information about the corridor please contact KiwiRail: 

  • By email at  
  • Or by phone on 0800 801 070 

FAQs for property owners

Once we have a confirmed route and stations, we will have a better idea about the number of properties which are affected. This will happen once the project’s sponsors have made decisions about the route. We plan to notify and engage with affected property owners as soon as we are able. 

This work is to gather useful information about underground conditions (i.e soil, rock, water) in the wider project area. These investigations are taking place at numerous points to build a bigger picture of the geology of the area. They are not indicative of the proposed route. This work will help with our design and construction in the future.

If we need your property for the project, you will be fairly compensated under the Public Works Act. If you are affected we will: 

  • Arrange to come and talk with you  
  • Work with you to manage your concerns 
  • Explain the support you are entitled to 
  • Explain the relevant processes and your rights 

Property owners can also view the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) website for more resources. This includes a ‘Guide for landowners – what to expect when your land is acquired under the Public Works Act 1981’, to inform them of their rights and the role of accredited property agents in negotiations. You can view this online here

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