Indicative Business Case (2021)


Below are the Auckland Light Rail Indicative Business Case (2021) appendices and associated documents.

The appendices include technical reports and analysis which provide a detailed understanding of the strategic, economic, financial, commercial and management cases that together form the Indicative Business Case. Among the appendices you’ll find data on travel times, urban growth and more.


Appendix 001 Urban Summary Technical Report
Appendix 002 The Urban Story
Appendix 003 Assessment Criteria
Appendix 004 Do Minimum
Appendix 005 Long List Options
Appendix 008 Short List Options
Appendix 010 Transport Assessment
Appendix 011 Project Benefits
Appendix 012 Carbon Assessment
Appendix 015 Cost Report
Appendix 016 Funding Long List To Short List
Appendix 017 Funding Short List Report
Appendix 018 Financing Options Report
Appendix 019 Delivering Broader Outcomes
Appendix 023 Accounting Considerations
Appendix 027 Powers And Institutional Framework Paper
Appendix 028 Delivery Entity Scope Considerations
Appendix 029 Urban Development Delivery Report
Appendix 030 Delivery Entity Report
Appendix 031 Delivery Entity Governance And Partner Roles
Appendix 032 Te Terewhiti Ki Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland Light Rail: Te Rautaki Huanga Māori (Māori Outcomes Strategy)
Appendix 033 Transition Paper
Appendix 034 Public Engagement Summary
Appendix 035 Business Support And Targeted Assistance Scheme

Board papers

Board Docs Compiled 14 May 2021
Board Docs Compiled 15 June 2021
Board Docs Compiled 13 July 2021
Board Docs Compiled 10 August 2021
Board Docs Compiled 24 August 2021
Board Docs Compiled 14 September 2021
Board Docs Compiled 28 September 2021
Board Docs Compiled 12 October 2021
Board Docs Compiled 16 November 2021

Sponsors papers and Establishment Unit briefings

ALR Timeline Slide
ALR Engagement Snapshot July 2021
ALR Engagement Snapshot Aug 2021
ALR Stakeholder management strategy June 2021
ALR Stakeholder Map June 2021
ALR Mana Whenua Engagement Plan June 2021
ALR Typical Cross Sections Dominion Road Midblock Options
ALR Sponsors' Meeting Agenda 9 Aug 2021
ALR Sponsors' Meeting Agenda 20 Sept 2021
ALR Sponsors' Meeting Agenda 5 Oct 2021
ALR Group Sponsors' Paper 9 June 2021
ALR Group Sponsors' Paper For 9 August Meeting
Response To Sponsors Questions Following August Meeting 30 August 2021
ALR Group Sponsors' Paper For 20 Sept Meeting
ALR Group Sponsors' Paper 5 Oct Meeting
Follow On From ALR Sponsor's Meeting 21 Sept 2021
ALR Group Sponsors' Paper For 22 Nov Meeting
ALR Group milestone Report 5 July 2021
The Use Of P50 As An Indicator Of Project Cost At IBC Stage 5 Nov 2021
Light Rail Market Research Presentation Sept 2021
Preliminary Analysis On Option 3B 28 Oct 2021
Briefing To Minister Wood 14 October 2021
Minister Meeting Agenda 30 Jul 2021
Minister Meeting Agenda 8 Aug 2021
Minister Meeting Agenda 27 Aug 2021
Minister Meeting Agenda 10 Sept 2021
Minister Meeting Agenda 24 Sept 2021

Weekly reports

Compiled WR June 2021
Compiled WR July 2021
Compiled WR August 2021
Compiled WR September 2021
Compiled WR October 2021

Please note
: Redactions appear as black lines that cover text and images. Some appendices have been wholly withheld.

The Official Information Act (OIA) provides reasons for content within official documents to be withheld or redacted. Most of these reasons are to preserve confidentiality and fairness.

Within the Light Rail Indicative Business Case and appendices, sections have been redacted for reasons of:

Protecting information where making it available would unfairly impact the commercial position of the person who supplied it or the subject of the information.

Protecting the confidentiality of advice sought in developing the Indicative Business Case.

Enabling the Indicative Business Case and appendices to be provided to the public without impacting the project’s future commercial activities.

For more information about the Official Information Act and the grounds for redacting or withholding information in official documents, see the Office of the Ombudsman.

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